Friday, October 13, 2017


Many psychologists and therapists have prescribed coloring pages to patients for various reasons so as to heal the mental, emotional and physical pressures. Coloring pages have always been a great way to relief stress and overcome various illnesses. These pages should not therefore be considered to be beneficial for only children. They are equally helpful to adults. There are various reasons as to why adult coloring pages are a way towards restoring mental and emotional health.

·             Coloring pages reduce stress, boredom and remove the lack of structure of a person. People with anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, stress disorders and compulsive disorders gain relief from coloring pages. The time and focus needed for adult coloring pages will subsequently remove the focus from any sort of negative thoughts and habits.
·             Coloring adds to intellectual benefits also by increasing focus and concentration of a person. Complex color schemes will enable the mind to balance and also make a picture look aesthetically pleasing.
·             Colouring pages are a method of practicing mindfulness that indirectly has got therapeutic benefits for the person. This method will help adult people replace all the negative thoughts with positive ones and thereby, reduce the level of anxiety and stressfulness related to medical treatments. The process of observing is a very powerful deterrent towards focussing on emotional and physical pain.
·             Coloring pages can be used as method alternative to meditation so as to calm and relax one. It will help adults to focus on coloring pictures rather than focussing on troubling thoughts.
·             This activity is successful in dealing with people with extreme stress issues and PTSD. This will reduce the state of worry, hyper-vigilance and panic. It is a very productive method which also helps in gaining problem solving skills and being more positive and focussed on life.

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